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Aspire Nursing Recruitment Requirements:


At Aspire, our goal is to help our partners meet both their short term and long term staffing needs. In doing so, we don’t bend any rules or compromise at any point. We supply only tried and tested . This is why we have detailed rules and regulations that have to be met by each applicant.


Minimum Recruitment 


1. Registered nurse with a degree or diploma from an accredited institution. 


2. Minimum hospital experience: One Year


3. Fluency in the English language


4. References available when required


5. Employment has to be in a nationally approved health establishment 


6. We reserve the right to request an English proficiency exam/test even if the employer doesn’t require it. 


What We Offer Qualified Applicants!

We ensure you have all the needed documentation. 

We set you up with one of our partner hospitals or facilities. 

We get you ready for a job interview.

We assist with migration processes

We pay for your flight to your new work destination.

We provide initial accommodation support upto 3 months. 

We provide transportation for 3 months. 

$2000 relocation stipend for qualified beneficiaries. 

These benefits are in addition to traditional benefits like Dental, Health insurance, etc.

Have you already taken the NCLEX?

    NB: When you click send, give it a few seconds

    Thank you for trusting us with your future! Now that you have given us your data, sit tight while we review the information and determine the best route for you. You should hear from us within the next 3-5 business days.



    1. Set you up for a job interview with your preferred employer/s. 


    2. After the interview, you will receive an offer from the employer with terms and conditions. 


    3. If you accept the offer, we will start working on your I-140/petition. 


    4. According to USCIS, regular processing takes a few months. Premium processing takes up to 14 Calendar days.




    Do you have a Visa Screen certificate? If not, check this link out.

    You have NOT taken the NCLEX

      NB: When you click send, give it a few seconds

      To be recruited by Aspire Skills Hub, the NCLEX Certificate is a compulsory requirement. At this point, you need to register for the exam via Our services are available to assist you through this process.


      ASH NCLEX Training Program

      If you feel that you are not ready to take this exam yet, you may register for our 3 month NCLEX Training Program. Provide the requested information below to kickstart the registration process or simply request more information at [email protected].